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We are constantly reminded that Jesus is seeking individuals who are simply willing to be used by Him to carry the Gospel to the world. He can use little and accomplish way more than we can even imagine.

In 2019, we answered God’s call to minister in the very rural community of Dangriga, Stann Creek, Belize, Central America. We experienced firsthand how God used us, feeble, imperfect human beings, to encourage 15 men, women and children to take their stand for Jesus in baptism in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Etched in our memory is our experience of meeting an 11-year-old girl named Miracle. The devil sealed her eyes shut after she returned home from one of our evangelistic meetings where she declared her decision to follow Jesus. Pastor Richards and the three of us visited the home that night after we heard the news. Immediately after a series of fervent prayers for her, God showed up and miraculously opened Miracle’s eyes. She and her mom were baptized the following Sabbath. Click the live video to hear more about the Miracle story.

We visited the Zion Seventh-day Day Adventist School in Dangriga that enrolled 130 students, most of which could not afford the yearly tuition equivalent to CAD$60. It was astounding to witness the general dilapidated state of the school, including its roof which would result in flooding at the school when it rains heavily in the rainy season and excessive unbearable heat in tropical Belize.  This was an unconducive learning environment for the students and teachers.

We were deeply moved by the general socioeconomic living conditions in the community, especially by the family of a single mother and her 7 children whom we visited.  Though there are public schools around, she chose to enrol 5 of her school-aged children at the Zion Seventh-day Adventist School.

We praise God for you, our donors and supporters, who sacrificially contributed to the needs of the Zion School and the Dangriga community upon our return to Canada, and even throughout this COVID-19 period:

  • $2,460 donated to sponsor 41 children (which included the children of the single mother mentioned earlier) for the 2020/21 school year
  • $1,950 donation collected to help repair the roof of the Zion Seventh-day Adventist School
  • 9 barrels and 1 large box (approximately $7,300 in value) of gently used adult/children clothing and school supplies (including laptops, tablets, projector, printers, toners, knapsacks, etc.) were shipped

As we watched the miraculous hand of God work through you, our generous donors, on behalf of His children in Belize, even during COVID-19, we were amazed yet again by His call for us to minister in Guyana, South America. The Upper East Coast (UPEC) District of Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Guyana fasted and prayed about bringing the Gospel to the community of Lancaster that has very little Adventist presence. Their Holy Spirit-led, multi-phased strategy is to meet the dire needs of the community by initially providing school supplies to 150 students at the community nursery and secondary schools who could not afford these items. Through your faithful generosity and partnership with Staples (a miracle story for another article), we were able to ship one large box of school supplies valued at $6,500 for each of the 150 students which is currently in transit to Guyana.

Recently, we heard and are committed to yet another familiar knock on our proverbial door from the Almighty One who opens all doors. This time, it comes  from Grenada, through Sis Celeste Gayle, who has been ministering solo for many years in her hometown.  We know that the Way Maker will do what He does best.

As we strive, by His grace, in preparation for His second coming to do our part in fulfilling the Gospel commission (Matthew 28: 19 & 20), may these life experiences continue to teach us that there is no limit to what God can and will do with hearts that are committed and hands that are willing.

Interested donors may support by sending their financial donations to [email protected]