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Let’s Walk to Toogood Pond

by Jewel Bailey


On the evening of August 14, members of the Health Ministries team met around a virtual table to contemplate whether to go ahead with the corporate, “Let’s Walk” physical activity session, planned for Sunday, August 20th. Promotions were abysmally low. One wise soul noted that the promotion was already running in the church’s newsletter, and we should move ahead; another opined, that even if it’s just us, we’ll still walk. The decision was made: Let’s Walk!

Thanks to the support from the audio-visual team, communications department and strong promotions throughout the Sabbath’s program, (the day before), the response was heartening because members DID come out for the walk!

In the short video clips below, you’ll see who attended the walk, and Brother Warren Reid and family explaining why they came.

Members who could not join from the church were encouraged to walk in their neighbourhoods. It was incredible when at 8:36 a.m. Georgia McClaren, Prison Ministry Leader, called to say she was joining the walk – from home. Georgia who walked for 30 minutes on a trail was able to get someone to snap a photo of her. Elder Enos Malcolm and wife Dionne, did the same, clocking in at 7.36 kilometres.

As Pastor David Rogers and Health Ministries Leader Ayinde Shillingford powered up at the head of the line, one walker commented to the other, “Ps. Rogers is walking”, the other quipped, “He is the leader” the other responded, “Follow the leader, leader”. Leadership mattered as demonstrated in first and second Kings. Leaders that joined were: Assistant Health Ministries Leader Beverley Chung-Brown (who drove in case we needed a vehicle), Second Elder Pam Langdon and husband Vernon Langdon, Social Committee Leader, Patricia Longmore, Audio Visual Leader, Steve Lewis, Elder Lauriston Pitters. Keeping the flock safe from the back was Elder Oscar Vicente who came with his wife, Judith.

The cool morning walk was to Toogood Pond Park in Unionville. See short clips of scenery and members walking. We passed other walkers who made various small talk along the way, such as:

  • “Long train”
  • “I feel like I’m walking in the wrong direction”.
  • “You have an army

Dogs are great conversation starters; we took a photo of a walker’s furry companions. The walker thought we were in the neighborhood for the jazz festival. My companion, Grace Lawrence, used the opportunity to tell her who we were and why we were there. See photos of our new furry friends and picture of Sarah and her dog.

The over six-kilometre walk ended at the church. Ayinde prayed that we would live as a family, we’ll do more activities of this nature, we’ll be witnesses and that all our activities will result in us being part of God’s kingdom. Participants were treated to a light breakfast.

“Let’s Walk” was the culmination of the summer offering of “Let’s Move” an exercise program which was conducted from April – July 2023 in the lower auditorium of the church.