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Seniors’ Group at Tobermory

As the sun peeped out at dawn on July 30 and the chilly wind of the night gave way to a fresh, crisp, morning breeze, members of the Apple Creek Seventh-day Adventist church seniors’ ministry, their allies and friends were whisked away in a Volvo coach to the scuba diving capital of Canada – Tobermory, Ontario. The event was a day trip to see the 18th-century lost ships from the glass bottom of the Blue Heron Boat.

The excursion was organized by Seniors’ Ministry leader, Glenna Ogilvie, and Rose Samuels, a new convert, whose area of specialty is working with older adults and organizing recreational events for this demographic.

The four-hour northbound ride was peaceful and serene as the bus passed through scenic routes with lush vegetation, sprawling landscapes with different crops, expansive fields with bales of hay, and cows lazily grazing as the morning sun washed over all of God’s creation. The calmness on the bus was punctuated at times with music from Gaither’s Homecoming video.

The tranquillity of the journey accompanied the group to Tobermory. Although this town is a major tourist attraction, it did not possess the bustle with throngs upon throngs of people as other tourist destinations do. The water of Lake Huron is simply beautiful, stunning, enchanting, and almost mesmerizing. The first impression was that it was clean and did not contain debris or froth. It was well cared for.

In the pictures and video below, you can see the various shades of the water which include turquoise, blue and emerald.


Tourists on the 1.5 hours boat cruise of Lake Huron had the option to travel on the upper deck or the enclosed lower cabin. The lower level was where the shipwreck was viewed through the glass bottom of the boat. See a photo of the glass bottom of the boat with a view of the shipwreck, a video of seniors relaxing in the lower cabin and a clip of the scenic route which was captured from the back of the boat.


In the video below, Vilma Wiltshire and Delores Dawson share their reflections.


Several people on the tour also made friends along the way. Angelia Hayden and Clive Williams chatted with Dallas, a crew member.

As the bus turned onto Apple Creek Boulevard, songs of praise were sung, the last one being “We are Nearing Home!”


Jewel Bailey