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Apple Creek Annual Walkathon 2024

By Beverley Chung-Brown RN BScN (Assistant Health Ministries Leader)


The annual walkathon of the Apple Creek Seventh Day Adventist Church came out of hiatus on May 19, 2024, following the COVID-19 Pandemic. Walkers were greeted with warm temperatures and sunny skies as they checked in one by one from 7:30 am with Beverley Griffiths at the stern. As a lead-up to the event, members took pledge forms to raise funds for our Pathfinders Achievers Club, and 360 Kids, a local community charitable organization for at-risk youth. The 60 walkers/runners were eager to keep their side of the pledge by walking the talk.

Senior members, adults and youth left in groups to either walk the 5K route or endure the 10k route. A select few decided to run the route and returned as quickly as possible. The weather was perfect for the walkathon on a quiet Sunday morning with few to no passing vehicles as we quickly embraced the walk ahead.

The 5K walkers which included Assistant Health Ministries Leader, Beverley Chung-Brown headed west on Apple Creek Boulevard towards Rodick Road, then north towards 16th Avenue, south on Warden Avenue and ending at the church on Apple Creek Boulevard. Those who did the 10K walk were led by Health Ministries Leader, Ayinde Shillingford. They went east on Apple Creek Boulevard towards Warden Avenue then west on Highway 7, towards Woodbine Avenue, north towards 16th Avenue and headed south on Warden Avenue and ending on Apple Creek Boulevard. Other members of the Health Ministries team, Elder Donald McIntyre, Jewel Bailey, Dahlia Clarke, Judith Vicente, Allison Monkhouse and their families participated in the walkathon.

The early walkers returned to healthy refreshments which infused their energy and provided the much-needed boost to restore their vitality for the day ahead. Two of our most senior members, Rose Bennett and Ermine Ragoo took the challenge to walk the 10K route finishing strong. First aiders Glen Roberts and Merle Higgins drove along the walkathon routes keeping a close eye on participants.

Eric Malcom came in first to win the prize for the most senior member to finish his 5K walk. Young Lorenzo Pitters received the prize for the youngest participant to finish the 5K route. We had a few guests who participated in the event and Carl Lindo won the prize for the first guest to return from the walkathon. Our newest baptized member Malakai was also awarded a gift card who participated in his first Apple Creek walkathon. Malakai also brought along his mother and sister for the event.