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Our Pastors

Pastor David Rogers

Welcome to the Apple Creek Church website. I am happy that you are spending a few moments to acquaint yourself with us as a church and as a people. Apple Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church is a group of committed Christians whose entire purpose of existence is to live the type of life that will inspire others to get to know who Jesus is, for themselves.

 My personal journey with Jesus began when I was 18 years of age. I committed myself to Him and God has led me to work for Him in so many different ways and countries. I am originally from the small island of Bermuda. After giving my life to Jesus I enrolled at the West Indies College (now Northern Caribbean University) located in Jamaica West Indies and there I studied Theology which equipped me for entrance into ministry.

Sometime later I was called back to my home country where I taught Bible at the Bermuda Institute (K – 12) a school owned and operated the Seventh-day Adventist Church. God had other plans and my wife and I ministered to 3 congregations on that beautiful isle. But, God’s call for ministry soon took to the north in Toronto Canada where we have ministered to 5 vibrant congregations that are each sharing the gospel message of the Jesus to their neighbourhoods and communities.

I want to encourage you to come to the Apple Creek Church located in Markham Ontario and engage in a lively worship experience with people who love God with all their heart, mind and soul. From the moment you step into the church, you will feel the warmth of God’s love through these members and I look forward to meeting you.  

Pastor David Rogers

Pastor Travis Kwon

Pastor Kwon, Hyuk Seung (Travis) was born on May 11, 1988, into a pastor’s family in South Korea. Church has been his home, playground, and school where he learned about God. Growing up, spending time at the church from early morning to late night felt natural to him. People affectionately called him ‘little pastor,’ and over time, his childhood dream evolved into becoming a pastor for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In middle school, he enrolled in the missionary school ‘Awaken the Dawn.’ Through daily worship, prayer sessions starting at 5 AM, and physical training, he nurtured his missionary aspirations. And numerous short-term missionary experiences reinforced his conviction that God is calling him to ministry whether it could be a missionary or pastor.

For high school, he attended the Christian High school affiliated with Samyook SDA University in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. After graduation, he pursued theology at Samyook University. During his second year of studies, he took a year off to support a mission in Chiba City, Japan, where he served as a missionary in a local church for a year. Upon his return to Korea, he resumed his studies and, during that time, met his wife, ‘Amao, Tomomi.’ They got married in the year of his graduation.

In 2012, he pursued further studies at Andrews University Seminary in the United States, where he remained until 2016. After graduating, while seeking God’s guidance, he received a calling from the Ontario Conference and began his pastoral journey in Canada. His first congregation was at Western Toronto Korean church in Etobicoke. He later served at College Park Church and Willowdale Church before joining Apple Creek Church, where he currently serves as an Assistant/ Youth Pastor.

His ministry motto is, ‘Let’s not just do ministry but have it that overflows.’ He now anticipates God’s abundant blessings upon Apple Creek Church, where together they can experience an overflowing ministry of God’s grace.