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Dear Apple Creek Church Family and Friends,

As we embrace the warmth of the festive season, I extend my heart

felt greetings to each of you. May the joy and love of this special time fill your hearts and homes with peace.

During this season of reflection and celebration, let us be grateful for the blessings we share as a community. Your unwavering support and commitment to the values of our congregation continue to inspire and uplift us all.

As we gather with loved ones, friends, and neighbours, may the spirit of unity and kindness permeate our interactions. Let us carry the light of hope into the new year, cherishing the memories we’ve created and anticipating the opportunities ahead.

May the love of family, the joy of community, and the grace of the season be with you all. On behalf of my family, I wish you a festive season and a joyous New Year filled with blessings.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. David Rogers, Senior Pastor Apple Creek Church

Dear Apple Creek church members,

As this year draws close, my soul overflows with gratefulness for each of you.
My first year here has been short but wonderful, all because of your kindness and love for my family.

In this season of joy and reflection, I’m reminded of the beauty of togetherness.
Our gatherings mean more than just moments because we are heading to the same destination, heaven, our eternal home with Christ.
Your warmth, kindness, and prayer make this place special, an experience of genuine belonging.

Let us embrace the season’s spirit, cherishing the love that unites us and the hope of our Lord’s coming that sustains us. May our hearts be filled with peace that surpasses understanding, and may the mercy of Christ shine brightly within us as we step into the promise of a new year.

Thank you again for embracing me into your church and allowing me to serve this beautiful fellowship.

Season’s greetings filled with blessings, and prayer to you and your families.

Your little Pastor, Travis Kwon.