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Dr. Swaby with his son, Oraine

Every day as a father is memorable for one reason or another, because being a father is one of the greatest achievements in my life.

My first Father’s Day was the most meaningful and significant and it was the day Oraine was born. Although my son could not speak, and could do little but cry to express himself (and believe me he was a crier), the fact that he was there squirming and twisting his body, and now not in his mother’s womb, really brought the reality of fatherhood home to me.

The words of the song “You are flesh of my flesh and bones of my bones” came flooding to my mind, and those lyrics now had new meaning. Having helped to create this little human being and as I held him in my arms, I had a deeper understanding of God’s love for us and why He goes to such lengths to protect us and forgives us no matter how far away from Him we go. He is there to forgive us and love us as if we never left.

I loved my son when he was in his mother’s womb but as I held him in my arms that memorable Wednesday morning, I thought of Psalm 27:10 (NLT) “Even if my father and mother abandon me the Lord will hold me close. I purposed then to do everything in my power to lead him in the way of the Lord.

Every Father’s Day as he grows, he finds ways to make me feel special with extraordinary gifts and cards and Father’s Day pampering. My son is an adult now, but my feelings as a father have not diminished. And every Father’s Day reinforces my belief that I still have a role and part to play in his life. Once a father always a father.

By Dr. Daviceto Swaby
Senior Pastor