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Pastor Ellis with his daughter

The water in the lake was still. Wisps of mist crawled away from the surface into the sky. The gentle sound of plunk broke the stillness as a fishing lure dropped down into the depths. Soon, the only indication of a disturbance of the water was the widening ring of ripples around the delicate fishing line, giving away its position.

I sat in the boat with Sophia. She was fascinated by this ancient art of food gathering for all of about five minutes. Then she was playfully flicking water onto my face and dipping her toes into the lake. She asked endless questions about animals on the shoreline and about the fish we hoped to catch. That Father’s Day, she wanted to join me while the rest of the family prepared the home celebration. Just then, I felt a tug on the fishing line. A fish was nibbling, waiting to be caught. It was the beginning of a perfect day…

Father’s Day is a recognition of all that men do for our families out of love and sacrifice. We are the chief contractors of house renovations, we are the supporters of our wives, we are the bus drivers taking children to and from school, and we are the coaches and tutors of our kids and those in the community. We are also the Romeos to our wives, the Juliets.

However, unlike fathers in the secular world, Christian fathers are given an awesome task to, not only raise productive young men and women who will contribute to society but, instill in them the values of our Saviour that will lead them in this life and prepare them for eternity. Proverbs 14 verse 26 (NIV) says, “Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge.” That is why I am proud of the men at Apple Creek, like the Apple Creek Men’s Organization, made up of fathers and grandfathers who have provided scholarships for young people and have shown steadfast support of their development. Also, a thank you to the BRIDGE program fathers, who sacrifice their valuable time to transfer knowledge to young boys on what it means to be a Christian man in a secular world. As a church, we are also blessed to have at the Creek many men who are role models of what it is to be a caring husband, a leader and a faithful servant of God. Given their year-round contribution, it is only fitting to have a single day to recognize and celebrate fathers.

“Daddy, you caught a fish!” Sophia exclaimed. “I haven’t got it yet,” I said coolly. I started reeling the fish in and it jumped out of the water. It’s a big one, I thought to myself. “Daddy it’s huge,” Sophia screamed in excitement. I carefully reeled it in and suddenly the fish jumped the hook. “Awwww,” said Sophia disappointedly. “That’s why they call it fishing and not catching,” I said to her with a smile. However, it’s time to return home. The rest of my Father’s Day celebration awaited – a wonderful meal, more games, laughter, joy, and more adventure. As I turned the boat around, I laughingly said to Sophia, “At least this time you can back me up when I tell them the story about the big one that got away!” She giggled and said with a sigh, “Oh daddy!”

It was a perfect day…

To all the fathers at the Creek, may God richly bless you this Father’s Day!

Pastor Shawn Ellis
Assistant Pastor