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Having a ball was more than what God had provided. With God leading the way, having a simple circular object brought up to 100 participants who played in the Apple Creek Basketball and Volleyball Tournament.

For 4 nights, this mini-style tournament was a spiritual blessing and was full of excitement! The Athletes (13+) showed their skills, but they also demonstrated sportsmanship, respectfulness and appreciation.

The AY department main focus was to bring people back together again. To engage the youth, their family and friends.  We Thank and Praise God for the opportunity that we had to meet again in this fashion. It was delightful and rewarding.  What a way to end the year with fellowship, fitness, fun and food too!

We would like to thank our spectators who came out to support each night, and all those who helped planned this event. And a special THANK YOU to Everyone for making this event happened and we look forward to your continual support for 2023!

Congratulations to all our winners!
Click here to view some games in action.

AC Gym Night Team