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The world of work is rapidly changing. Artificial Intelligence, increased job mobility, social transformation, and the pandemic’s impact have reshaped both the nature of work and the workplace itself. Your career success depends on navigating these changes. “Exploring the New World of Careers” will help you chart your course.

Your compass: Keynote speakers from York University, Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, and the Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network will provide cutting-edge information about the present and future possibilities.

Chart Your Course: A panel discussion with professionals and youth early in their career will answer key questions on how to get your career moving and avoid professional pitfalls.

Navigate towards Your destination: You get to personally mingle with career ambassadors; established professionals from a wide range of careers. They will be ready and willing to share their knowledge to help You reach your career destination.

The future of work is changing. Be ready! Register for Exploring the New World of Careers today

We have a duty as youth leaders to influence and inspire the youth we lead. Creating paths and transporting them to a place where they have never been. That place is transformational as God is our Captain. Simultaneously, this opportunity helps us to sharpen our leadership skills in a safe zone as we prepare for leadership in the New World. Our church is a gift to us to sharpen our Becoming. Let’s not lose sight of that. I have amazing testimonies about the value of the church in my leadership journey.
This is an opportunity for the youth of our church to be viewed as relevant to our community. Let’s leverage this opportunity in the Name of the Lord.
The ability to lead Change requires us to actively participating in the mission/movement.

As per leadership mogul, Brian Tracy, “Leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.” You can do it! Let’s go !
God gave this gift to the Apple Creek youth. Let’s use it to Change the World!

We are behind you and will always be here to support you! Blessings eternal! Our Future is Promising ‘cause you are in it!

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